The Property Appraiser follows an annual calendar of events established by Florida Law. The following are key dates in the annual process of preparing the Property Value Roll:

    January 1
    • The date used as a basis for all property value assessments for the tax year
    • The date that determines residency or ownership requirements to qualify for Homestead Exemption and additional Senior Citizen Exemption
    • The date for establishing the classification of agricultural classification applications
    January 1 to April 1
    • Filing period for Tangible Personal Property Returns. Filing deadline is April 1
    March 1
    • Deadline for filing annual application for Homestead Exemption
    • Deadline for filing annual application for additional Senior Citizen Exemption
    • Deadline for filing annual application for agricultural classification
    • Deadline for filing annual application for Non-Profit Exemption
    • Deadline for receiving exemption application for leasehold interests in governmental property
    April 1
    • Deadline for filing Tangible Personal Property Return without penalty
    • Deadline for filing all other returns and applications not otherwise specified by specific provision of general law
    After April 1
    • Penalty imposed for improper or late filing or failure to file Tangible Personal Property Return
    June 1
    • Deadline for submitting the required documentation for the additional Senior Citizen Exemption
    No later than July 1
    • Property owners notified in writing of all exemption and agricultural classification applications denied for the current year
    • Tax Roll submitted to the Florida Department of Revenue Executive Director for review
    • Complete assessments of all property
    No later than August 24
    • Deliver notices of proposed taxes (TRIM) pursuant to s. 200.069, to all taxpayers by first class mail
    For a period of 25 days following the mailing of the TRIM notices
    • Any inquiries pertaining to the assessment, exemptions or other concerns can be addressed with the Property Appraiser's Office. Differences of opinion on value and any discrepancies should be discussed at this time. Exemptions and agricultural classifications applied for should also be verified
    No later than November 1
    • The Tax Collector mails tax bills to all Real and Tangible Personal Property owners

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