Ordering Digital Data

The digital data for Flagler County is approximately 90% complete at this time.  The information contained within the parcel layers is a “work in progress” and no warranties are made for the data, its use, or its interpretation. You may purchase the digital data at our main office (386-313-4153). All data is placed on a DVD and priced as follows:


Parcel Download

Parcel boundary with Cama Data

Parcel Download

GIS Parcel Data

Parcel data contains polygons with the tax roll database attached. Data also contains lot lines, lot numbers, block numbers, centerlines, street names, annotation, section lines etc (all in shape file format).


2009, 2011, 2014, 2017 Aerials

Complete set of 1 foot resolution images in MR SID format can be purchased.

$25.00 for each year


Ordering Printed Copies


You may order Parcel Assessment Maps or Aerial Photographs from our Mapping Department.  There are over 200 assessment maps of our county.  Please feel free to call for help in determining which maps you need, but all map orders must be paid for in advance. Please visit our office for assistance or send your order with payment to the address listed at the bottom of the page. 


Large orders may take longer to process.

Map Type

Cost per Map

Assessment Maps Line & Aerial


Assessment Maps Line Work Only


Aerial Blue Line (2002 only)




All fees must be paid in advance.  Please make checks payable and send to:

Flagler County Property Appraisers Office

P.O. Box 936

Bunnell, FL 32110

Attention: Mapping Department


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