Per Florida Statute 193.703 and Flagler County Ordinance 2010-05, certain property owners may apply for a reduction in the assessed value of homestead property which would otherwise be increased as a result of the construction of property for the purpose of providing living quarters for elderly parents or grandparents.  You and your property must meet the following criteria in order to qualify for the classification:

  1. The property owner(s) filing must have already established homestead exemption on the property prior to the time of substantial completion of the addition or renovation.
  2. The construction must be completed AFTER the date set forth in the county ordinance (1/1/2009).
  3. The addition or renovation must be fully allowable under county/municipality zoning and must be appropriately permited.
  4. The addition or renovation must be to house natural or adoptive parents or grandparents (of the homestead exemption recipients) who have reached the age of 62 by January 1st of the year for which the owner is applying.
  5. Qualified elderly parents/grandparents must not receive any other benefits requiring a declaration of permanent residency at any other property in any other County or State.
  6. Applicaton must be made in the Property Appraiser's office annually by March 1st.  The application process will require proofs of residency and age of the elderly occupants as well as all permitting data.
  7. This classification is of a temporary nature.  Once the elderly parent/grandparent no longer resides on the property, the value of the improvements becomes taxable.
  8. The reduction will be the assessed value of the portion added or 20% of the total assessed value, whichever is less.


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