Florida law requires that any manufactured home owned by the same person as the land on which it resides, be assessed as real property.  The property owner must come to the Property Appraiser's Office to declare the manu-factured home as real property and a Real Property (RP) sticker must be purchased.  The RP sticker is a one-time purchase, based on the width of the manufactured home.  Those manufactured home owners who do not own the property on which their homes sit, are not required to declare their home as real property, but are required to purchase a registration sticker each year.  Both stickers can be purchased at the Flagler County Tax Collector's Office.  If you fail to purchase a registration sticker, your manufactured home will be valued as Tangible Personal Property which may substantially increase your tax bill.


What you must bring to the Property Appraiser's Office to declare your manufactured home as real property:

1.  A deed or tax bill with the correct owner's name.

2,  A copy of the manufactured home registration or a title.

If the manufactured home is your primary residence, you may also qualify for the Homestead Exemption.

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